Alexander "Poseidon" Lium

Alexander Lium (Codename: Poseidon) is the protagonist of the story. Framed for the murder of 113 deaths he was taken to Marriott's to serve out his sentence but became an unwitting test subject for Project: Olympus as their newest star candidate.


Alexander Lium is a tall young slender male, though not athletic in any way his body has always naturally been the same slender frame. Standing at 6'1" he was always head and shoulders above everyone else. After introduction of Daemon Alexander didn't change much besides his ability and his eye color, shifting from an emerald color it became an ocean blue shade that shimmers in the light like the ocean itself. His hair is rather wavy like waves on the water and have a slight tint of ocean blue at the tips of them. The length of his hair is about mid face level keeping it looking rather shaggy when he is on the run, though when he has some time or needs to escape he straightens his hair by pulling moisture from it. He is creole thus is slightly tanned in his features.


Alexander Lium was a normal boy, raised in a normal household. His parents were wealthy heirs to a fortune that had been passed down for generations and as such he was given everything that he wanted. However, what he wanted was to be more like his friends and as such instead of continuing with his father's business he choose to break off and attend college with his best friend at the time in Michigan. However, after a month and a half he woke up the next morning to find his roomate and best friend dead with his finger prints all over the scene. The brutal murders were in the style of a killer whom had been wandering around the area, since his arrival, and brought him to be imprisoned in Marriotts as one of the many cellmates who would later be tested on in Project: Olympus.


A quiet boy usually Alexander Lium isn't very outgoing. Keeping to himself from time to time it was really hard for him to make friends with people until he met his best friend. Sadly after his death he went back to his quiet ways until he met Daniel Mitchell, then, adopting his personality somewhat as he quickly became more outgoing around him and soon, began to bring about his own personality. Though he never adopted the ruthless tactics at first, he soon found his own route as his cynical nature began to develop after the tests he had been put through. Finally, the cynical ruthless creature was born, though he kept his good nature at heart he soon developed a skewed sense of justice.


Alexander Lium as Codename: Poseidon has the ability to control water at its purest form, even able to freeze, and pull moisture from the air to create a conglomerate. Alexander has even been shown to pull the moisture from other peoples body should their physical body not be powerful enough to blockade his will, any normal human would fall before him with ease, however, any G.O.D. would be able to stay his influence over the water in their body as long as Alexander is not touching them.

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