Captain James Tucker is the Leader of the Special Forces group known as Spartan, also the director of Project: Sparta.


As a member of the United States army for many years Captain Tucker has been through many battles, because of this he has a very wrinkled and scared face from bullet wounds, knife wounds, and various other tortures he had been put through. A stone square jaw, with hardened features. An army styled hair cut with white sides and a graying top. Physically fit he looks to be much younger in terms of his body, then he actually is. Also is known to have strong dark eyes that give him a menacing appearance that seems like, when he looks at you, he is staring into your very soul.


Captain James Tucker was third Generation Marine, in his family there was nothing but the military and as such he was destined for greatness. After going to school at the military academy of excellence based in wisconsin he quickly rose through the ranks. All eyes were on him as soon as he joined the Marine Core at the fresh young age of seventeen as they entered the Gulf War, being one of the main combatants at every major victory the higher ups took notice to his tremendous battle skill and combat prowess. Promoting him to the rank of Captain they read him into the Special Forces as one of their many agent's. After years of service during World War III and IV, he was stationed to watch over Project: Sparta, and Project: Olympus at Marriott's asylum.


Cold, stern, and uncarring he was seen as the perfect soldier. Known as ruthless on the battlefield no matter what he did he found the way to complete his mission with nothing but precision. His own squad mates were afraid of his skill, often commenting on whether or not they'd know if he snapped, and hoped he wouldn't one day kill all of them. Though, for the good of the mission he always commented he would if necessary.

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