Daemon Substance (Compound #353) is a natural reoccurring substance that was found in the earth during the year 2025, a cheap source of fuel and energy it was quickly mined and replaced electricity, nuclear energy, and even solar and wind energy as the leading energy in the world. Every Daemon stone can be recycled in its use and because of this quickly became a popular use in energy. Cheap and easy to use it quickly found its way into everyone's household and everyone's car as it quickly powered the whole world.


Daemon is a substance that is found in rock form underneath the earth's crust. The stone only holds two colors in which its chosen for specific duties in the average day. However, Daemon has been shown through trial and error to combine between the two forms of itself to create a self sustaining power source for even living matter, this said when connected through blood stream of a G.O.D. they can utilize their ability and create living matter if necessary.(IE. Metal can be made into a living soldier, water can be made into a living source that acts upon its masters orders, Flames can be controlled by command without use of energy, etc.)

Black DaemonEdit

The black Daemon stone is utilized as a means of powering objects that use electricity as a source of energy, once liquefied it produces an electrical charge that can charge an entire city for a month off of one stone that is roughly the size of a boulder. Because of how powerful each stone is they are stockpiled in a cool safe area to ensure that they do not begin to melt as their melting temperature is at one hundred twenty degree's Fahrenheit. Its also shaven down to smaller forms to create various batteries.

Red DaemonEdit

The red Daemon stone is utilized as a means to fuel vehicles and other equipment that utilizes gas. Its melting degree is roughly thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit and once melted it can be burned as a form of gasoline, and used as oil as well. Because it doesn't leave any unnatural gasses its not seen as poisonous nor is dangerous for the environment, though most cars were manufactured to purify the content of the gas before it left the vehicle just in case.

Side EffectsEdit

The only noted side effect of Daemon is its direct injection to the blood stream. Those who hold a key gene that is only present in a millionth of the population will undergo a small transformation. After it is introduced into the blood stream the being's body will be changed to support a higher output of strength, stamina, speed, intelligence, and endurance to outside sources. This also has been shown to develop an odd trait in some users to manifest rare and powerful abilities as key to their affinity. However, because of the governments involvement, these side effect's have remained undisclosed to the public and through this disgression have left those who find these side effects black bagged and taken to a facility that hosts, and experiments on these rare cases.

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