Daniel Mitchell (Codename: Hades) is an unwilling participant of the Government Sanctioned Experiment known as Codename: Olympus. Imprisoned when he was eighteen he has been tortured and experimented on since he had been brought into the facilities of Marriott.


Daniel Mitchell is a fairly lean twenty-year-old male; his hair had turned an unnatural fire red after he came into contact with Daemon compound which activated the primal gene that activated upon injection. His eyes glowed with a eerie soft crimson shade though become brighter or duller depending upon the mood he's in. Standing at roughly 5' 7" he isn't exactly tall though he makes up for it in his acrobatic skills being more of a ranged, air fighter then an up close and personal one. Though because of his skills his physique is very toned allowing him to perform feats other human beings don't have the capability of doing.


Daniel Mitchell grew up in a traveling circus as a kid. Acting as one of their tightrope walkers he learned from a young age that balance was the key to life, not only walking across a tightrope, but in normal everyday life as well. Taking those lessons he set out leaving the circus in search of education and normality he ended up going to highschool and college in oklahoma where he partied and studied hard. Though, after the years of living out in public he realized that life wasn't always as black and white as his parents had made it seem. He began experimenting with drugs and alcohol before falling into a bad crowd, here he became selfish, uncarring, and even a criminal. His nickname was El Diablo, given to him by one of his friends as a joke because no matter what he did, whether stealing, cheating, or even mugging, he could not be caught by the cops or teachers. The name quickly spread as he utilized a more theatrical approach to his crimes, painting his skin red, adding horns to his head, and a fake beard to give him the appearance of Satan reborn during his crimes. Finally he was caught by the police after knocking off a bank, though he was approached by the military to be recruited into a government program, he turned them down. Saying "He'd rather go to prison than to get mixed up in the military." During his trial, his lawyer claimed in clinically insane and he was sent to Marriott's for treatment, only to find that it was a facility in which they held the very program he was confronted by the military to join. Project: Olympus.


Daniel Mitchell is a person who has his own life in mind, not carring what anyone else thought or did, as long as he came out top in the end. A very selfish person he grew cold over the course of time he was imprisoned, now being rutheless, and self-centered he was always looking for ways of escaping the hell hole to move on with his life. During his imprisonment he savagely killed two doctors and three nurses as well as one of the other experiments. Heartless, cold, selfish, and cunning Daniel stuck with the nickname though updated it to his current codename, adopting it as his very persona. Hades.


Daniel, as Codename:Hades, has the ability to control "Death" and "Fire." Being one of the few to control two abilities at once Daniel was always the prime candidtate for experimentation in Marriot's. His ability to control death meant that when he touched you he could manipulate your bone structure, making bones connect, disconnect, bond, or even attract to his body. Using this he can manufacture weapons with the bones, making them denser and harder if necessary by feeding them nutrients from his own body. He can also manipulate their shape, and sharpness as long as he holds them, or holds some connection to them. His other ability, is fire, he has the ability of pyrokinesis. To create, manipulate, and intensify fire. It has been said that he once created the hottest burning flame in existence, though it drained him of all of his power and energy in one go. Though he has also been shown to create shapes in flames such as animal's, symbols, and even create images of people within the fire.

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