Donald Davis (Codename: Hephaestus) is a member of Project: Sparta, though was never a member of Project: Olympus. Married to Elizabeth Davis he often views himself lucky, though he doesn't say much due to his nature.


Donald Davis is not known for his charms, or good looking appearance due to the deformity he held as a kid. Now the Iron cast that is around his left leg makes him slow and clunky, though he is rather tall, standing at 6'9" and weighing at almost three hundred pounds due to the amount of iron in his blood stream, Donald is rather muscular. Having long flowing wavy hair behind him he is usually in meager clothing unless he is informed he must attend a meeting, in which case he dresses up a little.


He was born with haemochromatosis, though instead of the normal side effects the Iron built up in his left leg over the course of his life time, soon it became completely immobile without excruciating amounts of pain. Though it was stated that for the rest of his life he'd have this pain unless they amputated, Donald was apposed to it. Because of this decision however, Donald was bound to wheel chair for most of his life and was thought to never be able to walk again. However, upon one faithful day, and the act of the rebellion of the people against the government he was on his way to work when a Daemon Factory was destroyed. The liquified Daemon submerged half the city within its grasp and of those thousands of people who were submerged beneath the flood, Donald was one of them. Once he surfaced he found himself changed, his leg no longer hurt as it seemed the iron began to disperse itself equally through his body. After years of progress he learned that his power is capable of manipulating, bonding, and controlling metals of all kind, not just the excessive iron in his blood stream. Wanting to learn how to control his powers he sought help from the very military that was responsible for his anguish. Being found by Captain James Tucker he was quickly accepted as an early test subject of Project: Sparta, one of the few G.O.D.'s that was never apart of Project: Olympus Donald was quickly made a liason on most of the missions in recruiting other G.O.D.'s. After a good will mission he met his wife Elizabeth and they were quickly married and stationed at Marriott's as extra security on orders of Captain James Tucker.


Donald Davis is a quiet person, though known as a cunning, sly, and devious G.O.D. he keeps to himself unless he feels that one is worthy of his time. Because he wasn't able to do many things because of his deformity he quickly found a smug sense of hatred for other human beings who were born capable of doing things. Even finding a hatred for those who are capable of running as he finds his transportation by crafting and manipulating wheels at the bottom of his boots. One of the most Vindictive beings he was the perfect match for his wife, Elizabeth who shared his affinity for vengence.


Codename:Hephaestus was given to him in turn due to his ability to manipulate, bond, and even sense any type of metal. Because of this ability Hephaestus has been seen able to craft the most versatile weapons including, but not limited to, melding harder metals that would normally be impossible to bond, together. Creating a shield of titanium and steel at one point he has the ability to reconfigure metallic alloy on an atomic level to make new metals that no one could normally form, and even manipulate the metal in other objects around him, including the metals in the human body. If one is not of strong will or influence in physical power, they will easily be pulled into his monumental power. Seen as one of the most powerful physically gods, his strength isn't bound to most limitations that other G.O.D.'s are forced to apply by.

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