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Elizabeth "Aphrodite" Davis

Elizabeth Davis (Codename: Aphrodite) is a Member of Project: Sparta as a former Experiment of Project: Olympus. Married to Hephaestus at a young age she often wonders what life would be like if she had strayed from Project: Sparta and lived as a normal woman.


Though she is within her late twenties she still holds the figure, and beauty of an eighteen-year-old woman. Her hair is an unnatural light pink which indicates the primal compound that has interacted with her gene pool activating the dormant gene. With it, she has maintained her fair skin and powerful yet beautiful baby blue eye color. Standing at roughly 5'6" she is about average size, though her shapely features throw off her slender figure. Usually seen with a miniskirt and a top that shows off her cleavage the female is known to utilize her feminine whiles to seduce men of all ages and types.


Elizabeth grew up in a normal home in Adel, Georgia as an only child. Growing up in a normal household and learning from a young age of her beauty. Though, after a fated mishap during a power outage when she was seven she was introduced to Daemon. After being taken to a hospital she was watched over and cared for though her body began to change, her hair began to turn bright pink and grow at a rapid pace, the straight hair that used to belong to her now curled and extended to a length about mid-back level and though being cut would always grow to that length. Her eye color, which used to be a listless brown, now became a bright piercing baby blue. Her parents rejected her upon returning home; not watching over her anymore as they were somewhat disgusted and missed their old daughter. Her mannerisms soon changed along with her attitude towards all of humanity and she soon became the heartbreaker of her town, soon craving the attention that she lacked in her home life in other men. After years of this practice she grew bored with the little town and did nothing more then utilize her ability to seduce anyone to do what she wanted. On her sixteenth birthday she was approached by three men, two were Special Forces, and the third with them was Hephaestus. After locking eyes with the fellow G.O.D. she fell in love, and after having proposed for her to join Project: Olympus so they could better aid her in understanding her new found abilities she immediately accepted in hopes of staying with Hephaestus. That day she was taken to Marriott’s Asylum, though unlike those whom are unwilling to participate she was later exchanged into Project: Sparta.


Though her upbringing was normal until after the accident, Elizabeth was always a little bit of a hunter. She sought for the most challenging approach to a situation and found how to overcome it. A bit of a puzzle master she enjoyed riddles, and studying to find the solution she needed. However, after years of being worshipped by men she quickly turned her focus to any psychological study that she could get her hands on to use to torture the ones that worshipped her. Because of this she is seen as a very sadistic woman, though jealous of other women who gain more attention then she does. She finds herself very vindictive when she has been wrong expressing all her energy into making sure that she gets her revenge.


As Codename: Aphrodite Suggests her abilities spawn from her capability to play with other peoples heart's and emotions. As such she has the ability to create illusions of lust, love, and admiration for her very existence causing others to worship her. This is not limited to only one person at a time and can be used as a radial ability affecting all those in the area, including animals as well. These servants will do anything to protect Elizabeth from harm, even if it means their own life, and will do anything if she wills it. However, the weakness to this ability is that she lacks the power to manipulate the hearts and minds of those who hold strong wills. This ability also allows her to control the hate in other peoples hearts by removing love and admiration, even for themselves, meaning that at any point one of her servants could kill themselves because of their extreme distaste for their life, or the enemy of their master.

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