Marriott's Asylum for the Clinically Insane is an asylum in the center of Asphodel Fields, Washington. As one of the most prominent facilities for the mentally and criminally insane it is one of the few government run facilities in which those unwilling to collaborate with the law, and the government go after being charged with a mental illness. Both real sick people, and those who are called as sick attend this location. The facility is in the middle of a military base utilized to make sure its dangerous contents are locked down, as well as no one who is unauthorized tries to sneak in. Because of this it has lead to the question of why the military has paid so much attention to a mental hospital, though no one has dared to check it out. = =



Marriott's Facility was originally founded in 1962 by Dr. Edgard J. Marriott, a Government employed Doctor who specialized in psychology as well as physiology. The Government however, had a different plan for the facility then what they had informed the Doctor. The Government began using the facility for the storing of their pet projects including Project: Super Soldier, and Project: Spartan before it was really revealed what the project truly was. After Dr. Marriott found that his facility was being used as a storage for the Governments Experiments he was disgusted with himself though without the funding they provided his Asylum would be closed putting the truly mentally ill into actual prison's. After confronting the General at the time about the Government involvement he was quickly dismissed and imprisoned into the very Aslyum he helped to build and create. Treated for mental instability they placed him with their many experiments who then killed him, blaming him for the torturous experiments that they were put through in his facility.

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